"Xena: Warrior Princess" 1995
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"Xena: Warrior Princess" 1995
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Battle on, XENA!
Plot: Xena, a mighty Warrior Princess with a dark past, sets out to redeem herself. She is joined by small town bard, Gabrielle. Together they journey the ancient world and fight for the greater good against ruthless Warlords and Gods.
Story: None
Did you know: Series 6 is the only season of the series to have nudity: The slave girl Milda's (Gina Varela) bare bottom could be seen in Whose Gurkhan (#6,4) and Xena and Gabrielle's bare breasts could be glimpsed and their bare bottoms are seen in Legacy (#6.5). Body doubles for Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor were used for this scene. In all preceding episodes, only Xena and Gabrielle's bare backs, bare shoulders and bare upper chests were seen.
Release date: 15 September 1995
User Votes: 6.7
Countries: USA,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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